OpenVMS RMS / RDB Dynamic API

The Stirling & Young Group's OpenVMS RMS API is the first ever API designed to give your applications direct access to your RMS / RDB data files in real time. The SGCO API is a JSON-based API installed on your VMS server. The API listens for incoming JSON requests and interacts with your RMS or RDB files in real-time.

This simple example is connected to our demo instance of OpenVMS RMS API. (This web page is hosted on Vercel web hosting connecting to our RX2660 box at a remote data center.) Feel free to insert a few records using the "Insert a Record" tab below. After you insert several records you may want to switch to "Query RMS file" tab to read your newly added records from the remote OpenVMS RMS file. Every time you switch to "Query RMS file" tab the contents of the remote RMS file will be read. This web page will always show current contents of the remote RMS data file. There is no need to wait for the data to be synchronized with another customer-facing database.

You can delete any record using the "Delete" button in the query results table. When you click this button two queries will be sent - one to delete the record and another one to refresh the results table. The entire remote RMS file can be cleared by clicking "Delete All Records" button from the last tab.

The bottom pane will populate with the actual requests sent and the responses received from the API. The API log is linked to your browser session and will show only the queries you make in the current session. If the log becomes too long you can clear it by clicking the "Clear Log" button. Clearing the log does not affect the data in the remote RMS file. You can also clear API log by reloading this page.

If you would like to interact with the API directly, please contact us, and we will provide an API endpoint you can use directly. At any moment the remote RMS file can be downloaded to your device. You can copy the downloaded RMS file to your OpenVMS server and see the data you just entered using the OpenVMS RMS API.

Please note: the demo app on this page will work properly in any current web browser (Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera). Internet Explorer is not supported. This is a known limitation of the demo app we prepared for the browsers, but it does not affect in any way the functionality of OpenVMS RMS API.